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Breakfast Recipe with Granola, Yogurt and Fruits

As soon as the day begins, the kitchen becomes the nucleus of the home. Everyone is looking to discover a fast and satisfying breakfast.

We are all in a hurry to drop the kids off, run errands, and make it to work on time.

Every minute counts and we are seeking that fast nutritious fix to get us through until mid day.


The good news is, Grandma Emily has the answer for you. You can have a healthy breakfast, feel satisfied and make it to work on time!

All you need is a cup or jar,
Yogurt of your choice,
Berries or mixed fruit,
and of course Grandma Emily Organic granola.

Layer the cup first with some of your favorite Grandma Emily granola, top it off with your yogurt and fruit and then with some more Grandma Emily to top it all off.

Not only will it look pretty but it will be so satisfying to get to the bottom knowing it is all made with healthy vegan ingredients.


Breakfast with Benefits?

- Eating a healthy breakfast that will help you start your day off right.

- Only 28g of Grandma Emily Organic granola has as low as 3g of sugar per serving. 0% cholesterol, and 4g of protein. All organic and dairy free. Grandma does know best!

You’ll have the energy to power through until lunchtime.

- Saving you time. Those valuable morning minutes are saved as your healthy breakfasts are planned beforehand. Make sure to keep these 3 easy ingredients on hand and you will never have to start your day on an empty stomach.

Now that is something to feel GLORIOUS about.