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Grandma Emily

Grandma Emily sailed to Canada in the early 1900's from her native Syria. She was 15 years old. She met the founder’s grandfather, married and had five children. The founder’s mother Adele, is the youngest. Grandma Emily made them all drink dandelion and carrot juice and always had something strange cooking slowly on the stove. She drank flax seed tea and still loved a piece of chocolate cake.

She would have a whole bowl of any one fruit or vegetable as a meal. Cherries were her favourite. Grandma Emily grew things not only in her huge garden, but all over the house as well. There were always several pots of sprouts on every sunny windowsill. She made her own cereal and she made her own rules. She never travelled without her small jar of ground almonds and she always slept on the floor - good for her back she used to say. She lived to the beautiful age of 92.

Grandma Emily inspired her granddaughter to share her concern for wellness. She too made her own granola for family and friends. In 1996, while brunching at a local eatery, the founder inquired about the granola on the menu - curious to see if it was as good as her own.

She called the chef; brought him samples of her very own granola and seventy five phone calls later, she had her first customer.

Andrea Courey

In the spring of 1997, she bumps into an acquaintance who needs a great product for a breast cancer awareness breakfast - for 900 people. Everything had to be donated. She wanted to support the cause - especially having just lost someone dear to her to a similar illness.

She decided this would be strictly an act of love - no expectations for more. She rented the facilities of a local caterer who was kind enough to allow her to use his equipment when he wasn't there - before 9am and after 5pm. It took her two weeks to cook the required amount for the charity breakfast. Her one customer covered some of the costs.

The event was held at the largest hotel in the city of Montreal. She approached the chef after the event, asked him how he liked the product and...

Andrea and Her Business Partner

That was over 18 years ago. Grandma Emily now supplies the food service industry right across Canada with our crunchy granola cereals, award winning granola bars, snacks and amenity/gift items. The food service industry can be comprised of hotels, golf courses, spas, restaurants, schools…etc. In addition, Grandma Emily is gaining momentum for retail penetration.

The founder loves this work and is inspired by her grandmother every day. Her grandmothers’ face always reminds her to be the best she can be, to be uncompromising with their standards and to persevere through all challenges.

The company was sold in March of 2015, with the seeds laid for present and future growth and opportunities for Grandma Emily’s delicious products.


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