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Chocolate Covered Granola Clusters

A delicious, crunchy treat to get you through those tough days!


  • Milk or dark chocolate chips
  • Grandma Emily granola of your choice 

This recipe could not possibly be more simple to make and more delicious to enjoy. All measurements have been estimated and can be easily adjusted as you go. The key is tempering the chocolate in order for it not to re-melt once the popsicles have come out of the freezer.

After setting up a double boiler, pour the chocolate in and continue mixing until chocolate is completely melted. Lower the heat quickly and turn the stove fully off before throwing in the granola.

Chocolate in Bowl

Mix until fully covered by the chocolate and add more if the chocolate is too overpowering. Use a spoon to create clusters and set them on a baking tray covered in a sheet of wax paper and once cooled, throw them in the freezer for 2 hours minimum.

Take out and enjoy!! (in moderation of course)

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